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SIA "Hanza Logistics" Sea shipping

Iveta Salmiņa
Phone: +371 67393363
Full container shipping
by sea (FCL)
  • We offer full container shipping in Europe and elsewhere in the world, with more than 200 different ports.


  • In order to offer the lowest prices and at the same time provide the perfect service, we carry out constant price monitoring between container lines in different ports.


  • We carry cargo from the manufacturer's designated location to the port of shipment.


  • We help to unload and deliver cargo in the territory of Latvia.


  • Freight customs clearance services.

Group container transport
by sea (LCL)
  • We offer the most economical solution for small cargo transportation.


  • We provide consolidated cargo consolidation both within Europe and worldwide.


  • It is possible to use sea transport for transportation of dangerous goods from China to Latvia in a composite container. Delivery time - 35 days.


  • Container shipment from / to Latvia takes place weekly, on Fridays.

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